The Book

I am enormously excited to announce the impending existence of a Typeset In The Future book! The book will contain new and expanded TITF studies for ten all-time classic science fiction movies, in a form that is beautiful enough to adorn even the most discerning of coffee tables.

Typeset In The Future will be published by the lovely people at Abrams Books in fall 2018, thereby making it the perfect holiday present for the design / sci-fi geek in your life. (This is true even if that geek happens to be yourself.)

Will you be covering my favorite sci-fi movie, [MovieName]?

For the book, I’ve hand-picked ten classic sci-fi movies, focusing on those that create a detailed vision of the future through design and typography. (The list is also heavily inspired by requests I’ve received on TITF over the past few years.)

Here’s the current line-up:

In addition, there’ll be a detailed guide on how to make your own text look futuristic, and a study of futuristic fonts such as Eurostile Bold Extended and Stop.

A few more details for the curious:

  • Yes, the Star Trek chapter will cover a lot more than just The Motion Picture.
  • No, the Matrix chapter will not cover the sequels.

How does the book differ from the web site?

Four existing articles from have been revised and expanded for the book, with even more geeky detail than the originals. (The book’s 2001: A Space Odyssey chapter already contains twice as much goodness as when I first studied the movie in 2014.) Six new studies are being written from scratch. The book also adds interviews with key people involved in each movie’s design.

What about Will you still be posting New Things here while you’re working on the book?

As you might expect, TITF articles take an absurd amount of time to research and write. As a result, I’ll need to focus all of my researching and witticisms on making the book as awesome as possible. However, I fully intend to share excerpts from the book in the run-up to its publication. So yes, there will be some New Things posted here between now and fall 2018.

This is all enormously exciting! When can I buy a copy?

The book will hit stores and Amazons in plenty of time for you to buy everyone a copy for the 2018 holiday season. I’ll post an update as soon as pre-orders are available, hopefully in spring 2018.

How can I keep up to date with the project?

I’ll be posting regular TITF updates on Twitter as @daveaddey, and will post any interesting images from my research on Instagram as @typesetinthefuture. You can also follow this blog on to be notified about new posts.

Awesome – good luck!

Thank you! I’m very excited. I also need to go and watch some movies.